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Poe 3.6 Builds with Skill Wither for Champion, Gladiator, Raider, Assassin,Hierophant

Wither is a channeled spell that applies the debuff Hinder which minimizes movement pace on close by enemies and a different debuff that increases damage taken from chaos injury within the target.

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Wither Updated in Poe 3.6
Mana Cost at gem level 1 is now 3 (was 4)
Mana Cost at gem level 20 is now 9 (was 10)

[Poe 3.6 Champion] Stun immunity 4000 life gain on hit per second against Shaper/Elder

This is my take on the Herald of Agony skill. This build focuses purely on its minion. We are going to use fast attacking bow skills to keep Virulence stacks maxed. This way we can get a tremendous amount of Life gain on hit per second. You keep your Virulence and Wither stacks maxed, and you will get a tremendous amount of Life gain on Hit per second with this, around 4000 against Shaper. Use this setup or the Rain of Arrows setup in the gloves to get two 5-links with Poison Support. If you have an Unset ring for your Blink Arrow, you can use this in the 6-link bow with a Lesser Multiple Projectiles, to increase your life gain per second.
- Temporal Chains and Enfeeble
- Stun immunity
- Fortify
- Blind
- 4000 life gain on hit per second against Shaper/Elder
- 6% reduced damage taken
- Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics

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[Poe 3.6 Gladiator] Can do all map mods & content and Works well on a budget

Lead the way for your Agony Crawler by going through packs and see how your personal Artillery Cannon blasts everything around you. Use Abyssal Cry when it's off cooldown, and Tempest Shield and Convocation every now and then. The crawler is immortal, and you are not far behind yourself. A few QoL improvements were made in the 3.6. Patch. The most noticeable will be that Convocation now has a 4-second cooldown (from 8), and besides that, there were some reductions of mana costs for the build's support spells. There's also small damage nerf of about 9% due to changes done to hatred. Cyclone hits twice. So your average number of wither stacks will always be whatever your attack speed is. Also, base weapon speed is of some relative importance, both for maximizing wither use and for stacking up max virulence charges single target more quickly, so lovely as that weapon may be would look for something with a better base as.

+ Can do all map mods & content
+ You are immortal 83% of the time!
+ Works well on a budget
+ Delving made easy (not sure how deep it can go yet though)

- A bit weak to Degen damage
- Not the fastest mapper
- Getting all the corruptions can be hard/expensive

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[Poe 3.6 Raider Build]This build is not going to be the best OP DPS you can get with toxic rain

This build is not going to be the best OP DPS you can get with toxic rain. DoT scaling will have a hard cap to how much you can scale its damage, but it is a very cheap and easy starter which mounts enough to finish 99% of game content, if not 100%. Looks interesting for sure. Something I'd consider: RAT Barrage/GMP/withering touch for more damage vs. bosses. Also, It might be a possibility to respec 3 nodes to the Profane Chemistry node. It does however only give you 4% max life per node, but it does add an excellent 50% increased life recovery from flasks.

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
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[Poe 3.6 Assassin Build] cheap Nice Acid Molten Strike Assassin - Uber Elder-viable Poison Build

The idea is a poisoned character that builds a synergy around some of the most robust mechanics currently in the game.
Have you considered, instead of the wither totem, Ancestral protector with withering touch and something like faster attacks? You'd still get a wither-like effect but attack speed on top of it too.
AP - Faster Attacks - Withering Touch - Increased Duration
you can only get up to 7 stacks of Wither, making it worse than a Wither totem even with the AS buff

+ Looks nice
+ Mostly Need Less Poe Currency Items
+ You can tell everyone you did Shaper with Less than 10k tooltip DPS
+ Can do every map mod, doesn't rely on leech or regen
+ Literally melts bosses
+ Tanky, can facetank most of the game with the right gear
+ Vaal Pact nostalgia (high-speed life recovery)
+ Slows down enemies a lot

- BiS items are expensive
- Destroys your GPU as well as GGG's servers
- Not HC-viable due to lag combined with the risky playstyle
- Extremely backloaded damage
- No one will want to play with you
- Not a clearspeed build
- Defensive layers are RNG based

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[Poe 3.6 Hierophant Build] Cheap SSF viable cause no required uniques Synthesis Arc Build

That's Wither totem setup. It is used for utility. It slows bosses, plus 2 extra totems (so 5 arc totems + 2 wither totems) is more dmg and regen due to ascendancy. Also, the wither totem costs less mana than the arc totems, so I can use Wither totem to spam before boss fights and build up my curses for self-flagellation dmg bonus.

+ Cheap
+ SSF viable cause no required uniques
+ Many ways to push this build into endgame
+ Save (cause totems and mom)
- Totemplaystyle isn't for everyone
- Constantly replacing Totems against AOE bosses can be annoying

PoB Link:
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[Poe 3.6 Hierophant Build] High single target damage Soul Mantle Dark Pact Totems - League Starter - All Content

If there are no changes to Hiero, the new 'Multiple Totems' Support is a substantial buff.
This support should NOT be used on the Dark Pact totems, because it would end in less damage due to the strong less malt and the fact we already have 5 Totems.
However, this is amazing for being able to have a Wither totem not take up a DP Totem slot, where previously single target engagements would be done with 4 Dark Pact Totems and a Wither totem.
We can have all 5 DP Totems in a 6-Link and then have an additional 2-link elsewhere with a Wither Totem and Multiple Totems Support. This also means we don't have to use faster casting, as 2 Wither Totems will outright double the speed of the Wither Stacks being put down.
Definitely a good damage and quality of life boost if Hiero sees no nerfs to his Totem Nodes.
Post Note: Another option would be to skip Wither Totems entirely, and go for 2 full 4-linked Blight Totems, and cast Wither yourself. Allelopathy gloves with 2 Blight Totems could end up being even more damage than a single Wither Totem.

+ High single target damage
+ Active playstyle (for a totem build)
+ Cheap to get started
+ Can do every content except Hall of Grandmasters - every map mod
+ High EHP and regen
+ Good clearspeed in linear/indoor maps
+ Highly resistant to curses
+ Good boss killer up until Shaper/Uber Atziri

- Not optimal for open map layouts
- Mediocre damage until you get your Soul Mantle
- Poor performance vs. Uber Elder
- Dealing maximum damage requires preparation
- Can't use totem MTX on Soul Mantle

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
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