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5 Ways to Transformation Path of Exile items with Currency

Path of Exile has a lot of currency, here we introduce those currencies can be used to transform the contents of the game while sharing some experience for everyone. We can transform the items by washing, playing sockets, links, and numerical values. The corresponding currency is Chromatic Orb, Jeweller's Orb, Orb of Fusing, Blessed Orb, Divine Orb, Orb of Transmutation, Orb of Augmentation, Orb of Alteration, Chaos Orb, Exalted Orb. Below we introduce one of the 5 ways

1. Change the Colours of sockets - Chromatic Orb
Chromatic Orb changes the contents of the sockets with the following rules:
The probability of using new colors after using Chromatic Orb is related to the equipment requirements. The power demand is prone to red sockets. The agile demand is prone to green sockets. The smart demand is prone to blue sockets. For example, equipment with pure power requirements is easier to wash. Red sockets, sensitive equipment requirements are easier to wash out blue sockets and green sockets.
In addition, the value of the equipment requirements will also affect the socket color rate. The higher the equipment demand value, the higher the probability of the color. For example, because of his low intelligence demand, wash the red sockets and green. The chances of sockets are still very high, and Shavronne's Wrappings are harder to wash into red and green sockets because of the high demand for wisdom.

2. Change the number of sockets - Jeweller's Orb
The first thing about Jeweler's Orb playing sockets is to understand the limitations of each item to play sockets:
Each equipment can be used to play the maximum number of sockets
Up to 3 sockets: one-handed weapon, shield
Up to 4 sockets: helmets, gloves, shoes
Up to 6 sockets: two-handed weapon, breastplate
A relationship between item level and maximum number of sockets (refer to item level)
1 socket: Lv 1
2 sockets: Lv 1
3 sockets: Lv 15
4 sockets: Lv 28
5 sockets: Lv 35
6 sockets: Lv 50
There are special cases that affect the number of sockets, for example, safes modifiers allow items to increase the number of sockets

Poe Master costs the sockets
2 x sockets = 1 x Jeweller's Orb
3 x sockets = 3 x Jeweller's Orb
4 x sockets = 10 x Jeweller's Orb
5 x sockets = 70 x Jeweller's Orb
6 x sockets = 350 x Jeweller's Orb

3. Modify the linked sockets - Orb of Fusing
Completing Six Links with Orb of Fusing is a dream for many people. When you personally point items to Six Links, you will also get a special achievement, but Six Links Six Links, sadly, how many people are bankrupt. Six Links is really not an achievement that usually takes a few Currency to complete. The average experience of players in the international version is about 1200~1800. This part of the office has not announced the probability of real links, but the Poe Master will begin to provide paid links services, you can see some clues

2 x links = 1 x Orb of Fusing
3 x links = 3 x Orb of Fusing
4 x links = 5 x Orb of Fusing
5 x links = 150 x Orb of Fusing
6 x links = 1500 x Orb of Fusing

Player's 100,000 statistics latest data
In the forum, players recorded 100,000 Orb of Fusing statistics (the following simple conclusions):
With equipment of 20% quality, an average of 1000 Orb of Fusing can be connected to 6 companies (100 successful)
With equipment of 20% quality, an average of 100 Orb of Fusing can be connected to 5 companies (successful 973 times)

Standard deviation:
Five attempts to connect to 6 consecutive companies: 16, 17, 19, 23, 25
Connected to the 6th most expensive five attempts: 2888, 2899, 2928, 2973, 3025

4. Values of explicit values of modifiers - Blessed Orb and Divine Orb
Blessed Orb and Divine Orb can modify the modifiers on the item. Blessed Orb modifies the modifiers. Divine Orb modifies the modifiers. The scope of the yellow equipment is related to the rules generated by modifiers. The change number must be considered. The modifiers range is incapable of jumping out of the range of modifiers generated.

5.Generate modifiers - Orb of Transmutation, Orb of Augmentation, Orb of Alteration, Chaos Orb, Exalted Orb
Producing modifiers or rewashing modifiers for an item is the conduit for upgrading the item or even making the ultimate god equipment in this game. It is recommended that players first understand the types of modifiers available for each item in the modifiers database and the relevance of the item level to modifiers. After a general understanding, it is a big battle with luck. Orb of Transmutation, Orb of Augmentation, Orb of Alteration For the average player, the most used is to wash maps, potions, safes, or to switch to Jeweler's Orb and Orb of Fusing.

Chaos Orb, Exalted Orb is a relatively common trading token in the game. Using the capabilities of Currency itself to wash items, players have to consider whether the price and risk they can afford, Chaos Orb washes away all modifiers at once. Often used to wash maps or rare safes or special items, and Exalted Orb because of the high market price of a single Poe currency, the point of equipment is for top-level items, high-priced assets will be invested.
1.3 After the revision, the introduction of the Poe Master production system, through the assistance of Poe Master to assist the additional modifiers, the difficulty of making equipment available has been greatly reduced.
After the 2.0 revision, because the eternal orb is no longer falling in the game, it means that it is more difficult to make the god equipment by hand.


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