Path of Exile Hideout Tips With Masters Quest For Beginners

The Path of Exile hideout is a special area player can design for themselves. Hideouts can first be unlocked after freeing Helena in Act 2, who will let you change hideouts and help find new ones. Hideouts achieve good feelings in Masters of major cities Level 3 can only be built. The improvement of the best can be improved by the Masters Quest which appears randomly in the field. The appearance of the Fields Masters is random. As long as one of the Masters has a level of 3, you can establish Hideouts. With Masters, you can reach Level 2 and invite Masters to your Hideouts at Masters in major cities. With Hideouts, you can enter your own Hideouts from the lower right corner of each Hideouts game interface.

Good sense level 3 can build small Hideouts, level 5 can build medium-sized Hideouts, and level 7 can build large Hideouts.
Number of Masters: Small - 2 Masters, Medium - 4 Masters, Large - 7 Masters (Prophecy Masters and Athletic Masters are not counted in the Masters limit)
If you reach the upper limit and want to replace the new Masters, you need to dismiss the Masters first, then hire the new Masters in the corresponding main city. After dismissing the Masters, the Masters level is good and the Masters feels the same.

Hideouts Tilesets
In addition to the different styles, Hideouts is essentially the same. Each Masters carries different workbenches, and different workbenches have their own special features. Prophecy Masters are available in all major cities, and Prophecy can be invited to Hideouts at any time without counting into the Masters limit. No workbench and other special features

Hideout Hideout Tileset Found in
Backstreet Hideout Sarn tileset Arcade Map
Baleful Hideout The Chamber of Sins tileset The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7)
Battle-scarred Hideout Barracks tileset Promenade Map
Cartographer's Hideout The Templar Laboratory
Coastal Hideout Coast tileset Atoll Map
Coral Hideout The Cavern of Anger (Act 6)
Desert Hideout Desert tileset The Oasis
Enlightened Hideout Library tileset Academy Map
Excavated Hideout The Crystal Veins
Immaculate Hideout Solaris tileset Ivory Temple Map
Lush Hideout Forest tileset The Dread Thicket (Act 2)
Luxurious Hideout The Bath House
Skeletal Hideout The Ossuary (Act 10)
Stately Hideout Oriath Square, The Ruined Square
Undercity Hideout The Sewers
Unearthed Hideout Graveyard tileset Graveyard Map

Masters Daily Quest
1. Each master will refresh the Masters Quest every 8:00, and each Masters daily Quest is random and randomly distributed.
2. Masters Quest can get the Masters good feeling, can be used to improve the Masters level, and the good feeling is converted into the equivalent good coins.
3. Each Masters has its own general store and prestige store. The general store has a different level of goodness and the types of items sold are different. Masters level 6 or above can be exchanged for different Poe currencies at the Master's store every day. You can also buy a legendary piece of equipment every day. The prestige store has a different level of good-selling, and the types of decorations sold are also different. The styles of the different styles of Masters are different.
4. Masters Daily Quest can be teamed up to brush each other, up to 6 people brush each day Masters Quest, it is recommended that you group full brush, can quickly improve their Masters level.

Decoration placement
1. Decorations can be purchased at each Masters's store, and each item has a variety of shapes to choose from.
2. Different decorations can be selected in different forms. Scroll the middle button to switch the shape of the ornament. The specific shape can be viewed at the time of purchase.
3. After selecting the ornament, hold down the left mouse button at the bottom of the ornament to rotate the direction of the ornament.

Buy various decorations for the Favour from the masters
It is possible to buy various decorations (a maximum of 750) for a Favour from the masters in the hideout or from masters in towns. By pressing the "Hideout"-button players can see the Decorations available. By pressing the "Edit"-button Players can move the decorations and rotate them around.
Hover over the "i"-button in the Editing-Menu to get the following instructions.
To move an object, drag it or press the arrow keys.
To rotate an object, drag between the two circles or press R/Shift+R.
To rotate an object exactly 90°, use CTRL+R/CTRL+ALT+R
To change the variation of a decoration, use the mouse wheel or press Page Up/Page Down.
To reclaim an object, select it and press Delete.
When finished, click the Done button.

For Beginners Hideouts to place Masters recommendations
1. After the small Hideouts are completed, the chat bar will be marked with the /claim_crafting_benches command to receive all Masters items. (Thanks to the netizens for the method provided by Shensha 5650).
2, it is recommended that the small Hideouts first place the Assassination Masters, and give priority to improve the sensitivity, the Assassin Masters Quest is the most difficult to do, but the casting tool function is indeed the most important, can be equipped with weapons Sockets, Links, Colours, the highest level of assassination Masters can Make two-handed weapons/clothes 6 Sockets 6 Links.
3. Competitive Masters production tools have no other use except PK. Players who like PK can establish exclusive PK characters to participate in PK. Athletic Masters can invite into Hideouts but it is not recommended to upgrade at first. However, the sculptures of Athletic Masters are gorgeous, like DIYHideouts. Casual players can prioritize upgrades.