Path of Exile Vaal System Introduction, New Players Must See Guide

The PoE Vaal system was introduced into the game core in the 1.10 piece of information "Vaal Sacrifice". The main purpose of the Vaal Queen, who dominated the Vaal civilization, reappeared in the world of Wraeclast and used her power to "corrupt" the land, affecting the game. Areas, Items, Monsters.

Vaal side area
The "corrupted area" entrance will appear randomly in the wilderness areas outside all maps.
Each corrupted area is a small map, and the map's modifiers can be seen at the entrance (similar to the weakened version of the map modifiers).
There are a certain number of monsters and a leader in the corrupted area, and the leader has its own special combat mode.
After knocking down the head of the corrupted area, you can open the "Vaal container" next to it. When you open it, you can get Vaal Skill Gems or dedication pieces randomly.

The relevant drop probability is as follows:
50% chance to drop a random "Vaal Skill Gems"
20% chance to drop "Dedication of Dedication"
15% chance to drop "Dawn Dedication"
10% chance to drop "Noon Dedication Fragments"
5% chance to drop "Midnight Dedication Fragments"

Queen Vaal
Queen Vaal is the new challenge leader in the revision when the player collects four different "Dedication Shards" in the Corruption Zone:
Dedication fragments at dusk
Dedication of Dawn
Noon's dedication fragments
Dedication fragments at midnight
Put them in the Lab or in the map machine of the hiding place to open the Lv70 "Eagle Point" map. The game is the same as the general map. Only six doors can be challenged. Before the Queen, they will encounter two powerful leaders. After knocking down, you can go to the last room to challenge Queen Vaal. If you successfully kill the Queen, you can get the exclusive items that he dropped.

Knock down the exclusive legendary items of Queen Vaal "must drop one"
Azri’s gold
Doriani's covenant
Azri’s promise
Doriani's Magical Staff
The Queen also has the opportunity to drop a force-sensitive chest blue item.

In addition, the Queen has the opportunity to drop the "fragments of mortals."
Mortal fragment of mortal
Mortal hope fragment
Ignorance of mortals
Mortal fragments of mortal

Ultimate Vaal Queen
In the absence of official disclosure, the player found that after the revision, it was discovered that there is a more powerful ultimate queen behind the Queen of Vaal. After a set of four different mortal fragments, the Lv80 "seductive abyss" can be opened. The map challenges the ultimate queen, the terrain and content are similar to the general queen map, the difference is that the monsters inside are 80-level take-off, and three map modifiers are attached:
+100% of monster damage
+100% monster blood volume
+200% Items Quantity

Knock down the ultimate Vaal Queen "must drop one" exclusive legendary Items
Aziz's Jess
Azri's authority
Azri's penalty

Vaal Orb is a useful Poe currency item for the introduction of information sheets. The use of Items can “corrupt” the items. Corrupted items will produce unpredictable conditions and special changes. Items that have been clicked will no longer be able to use any currency (including eternity). The reply of Baozhu Tuyin), the corrupted items will show the corrupt red mark.
Corrupted Items will randomly generate one of the following changes:
Corrosion equipment
Turn one or more of the holes into white (white can use all color stones)
Convert all the modifiers, holes, holes, and number of wires in this item into a new six modifiersItems. In this case, there are 1/36 chances to become 6 sockets and 6 links items. (If the number of other corruption effects is counted as 1/144 chance)
Attach this item to a "Vaal modifiers", Vaalmodifiers will be attached to the "modmodifiers" position of the device. If Items already has modifiers, Vaalmodifiers will replace the upper modifiers of the items. Each item will only have a maximum of one Vaal modifiers. (Click here to see the Vaal modifiers database)
There is no change after corruption (in this case it is still corrupted and no longer can be used in any currency)

Corruption map
Turn the map level up or down one level into a new map, which is the only way to get a map of the Vaal parish in the game.
Rare maps of modifiers into a rare map of light modifiers
Turning the map into an unidentified state, the modifiers are just hidden as before the corruption, and the unidentified state allows the map to drop by +30%.
There is no change after corruption (in this case it is still corrupted and no longer can be used in any currency)

Corrupted Skill Gems
Increase or decrease the current level of Skill Gems by one level, which will increase the level 20 gem to level 21
This effect is to improve the status quo is not to increase the permanent ceiling, if you point 18 jewels to 19, you can only reach 20
Increase or decrease the current quality of Skill Gems by 1~10%, and Skill Gems can be upgraded to 23%.
Turn this skill into a Vaal skill of the same name (for example, Swift becomes Vaal Swift)
There is no change after corruption (in this case it is still corrupted and no longer can be used in any currency)

Corrupted safe
Vaal orb can also be used to bring a safety in the wild.
The corrupted safe contains items that will partially or completely become corrupted Items

Vaal Skill Gems
Vaal Skill is a variant of general skill. Players can open Vaal Container to get a Vaal Skill Gems randomly, or use Vaal Gems to turn the skill into the same name Vaal Skill. Vaal Skill and the original skill features will have certain Differences, Vaal Skill can't be used as unlimited as normal skills. Before using Vaal Skill, you need to blame "charge". The charging unit can be used after it is full. Some skills can be stored multiple times. Some use once. To recharge once