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Poe 3.6 add three New Skills Purifying Flame, Wave of Conviction, Divine Ire

Path of Exile Publish three new Skills, These include Purifying Flame, Wave of Conviction, and Divine Ire. Today's news reveals more about these skills and their place in Path of Exile. Active skill gems and assistance skill gems are often referred to as skill gems. Skill gems should be equipped in item sockets before their use. Active skill gems grant a keen skill for the player to work with and are additional augmented by linked help skill gems. You will find presently 221 distinctive active skill gems and 111 help skill gems within the game, for a total of 332.

Wave of Conviction

The wave of Conviction is a new Level 16 skill that sends out a cone of force that deals physical damage with a conversion of 25% to fire and 25% to lightning to every enemy in the area the wave impacts. The wave lasts for a duration, which means that both regions of effect modifiers and duration modifiers influence the total area the wave can reach. However, casting the skill again ends the current wave after a short time. This means that you can choose to throw the Skill infrequently to hit a large area, or frequently to get more damage but less effective range before the duration ends.
The Wave of Conviction also applies Fire, Lightning, or Cold Exposure to enemies, reducing their resistance. This debuff is used based on the highest elemental damage type the skill does. This means that if you convert the physical damage to Lightning Damage, it'll always apply Lightning Exposure, granting -25% Lightning Resistance to enemies hit. This boosts the skill's own damage with repeated use but also lets it function as a utility skill for casting on tough enemies alongside any other elemental spell.

Divine Ire

Divine Ire is a Level 28 channeled skill that damages a few nearby enemies while charging up power and then unleashing in a sudden deadly beam. It deals physical damage with 50% converted to lightning. It gains additional stages for each enemy zapped, with a chance to earn an extra step from Normal and Magic enemies. It always wins the other stage against Rare and Unique enemies. This lets you charge and unleashes the beam rapidly if you position yourself well. The beam reaches maximum width at 10 steps, and maximum damage at 20 stages.

Purifying Flame

Purifying Flame is a real and fire spell that is accessible to you at level one. When cast, it sends a wave that, when it arrives at the enemy, deals damage in a circle around it and consecrates the ground. The spell then sends out a damaging shockwave that affects enemies in a large area on any consecrated ground. This does two things: finishes off surviving enemies from your previous Purifying Flame casts and creates new interactions with other sources of Consecrated Ground. Interactions to consider are the Inquisitor or Sulphur Flask's ability to Consecrate an area to allow Purifying Flame to damage multiple regions with a single cast.


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